Trash Chute Pressure Cleaning

We make the best efforts to make your property appear awesome with the cleanest trash chute.

Cleaning even the clumsiest trash chute got easy with our specialized trash chute plans!

Trash Chute are one of the most demanded and needed service for your commercial subsets. Trash chute being located at the different levels of a commercial building needs an intense cleaning job. With the dirt getting accumulated towards the inside of the trash as and when people throw the trash in it, this requires a perfect action towards cleaning these bins. Being able to pressure wash these jam-packed trash chute, we serve them well and make them look good, free from their foul smell and well sanitized to remove the bacteria that turns to be hazardous for the health of people working there.

At JMA, we offer the most powerful and low-cost cleansing plan and method for the trash chute and compactor cleaning. We have the perfect methods of pressure washing the trash chute, using the most versatile set of equipment, hot water and an appropriate detergent.

What do we do?

  • At JMA, we use the most efficient and special cleaning equipment used by the professionals, who have hands-on experience in handling such difficult jobs.
  • Using the right cleaners and the mix of hot water, we tend to pressure clean such clumsy units with complete perfection.
  • We know how important is a clean trash chute and we make sure to keep them pretty clean for an absolute perfection-driven commercial well being.
  • Trash chute are a pretty difficult job to be performed due to its location, but both our equipment and professionals are trained to perform these tricky affairs.
  • We care for our clients and perform our work with complete dedication towards earning the 100% satisfaction level.
  • Our budget-friendly services have made us evolve as the top recognized service provider in the field of trash chute.
  • Fostering the best trash chute operations, our advanced techniques and pressure cleaning equipment are perfect for hygienic and well-maintained trash chute.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Dirty compactor and trash troughs contain waste matters, bacteria containing food remains and many other toxins. This needs to be removed in time. This is where we come into action.
  • Using the most appropriate method of cleaning and sanitizing of the commercial/residential trash channels, we work towards eliminating such sources of emitting unpleasant odors and foul smell from the hallways and the basements.
  • We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and add value to your property with our service offer.
  • Being 100% professional, our added advantage goes with the environment-friendly equipment, products and processes, we use and imply.

Types of equipment and supplies used by us for trash chute

Performing the trash chute operations isn’t as simple as it appears. In fact, it needs a higher degree of operative intent and strategy to plan and perform the best trash chute cleaning. Without the right equipment, the process is never going to be complete. Thus, we use a completely specialized set of equipment and cleaning supplies that have the perfect ability to transform your soiled trash points into better ones, such as:

  • Hot water pressure washer
  • Soap
  • Degreaser
  • Outdoor detergent
  • Hydro scrubber
  • Sanitizer

Benefits of professional trash chute

Professional service have an advantageous offer with their service, as mentioned below:

  • It helps keep the tenants satisfied and the apartments clean and beautiful
  • This helps in removing the grease collected that could lead to potential fire hazards
  • Lengthens the life of the trash channel
  • Lowers the emission of any type of foul smell and odors coming out of the trash points
  • This automatically reduces the pests and rodents attraction
  • Lowers the chances of formation of black mold
  • Slows the growth of vermin and pest based problems in the building

Process we follow

The process of pressure cleaning the trash chute completely as a set of steps that are readily required to tackle such difficult cleansing jobs:

  • Most of the trash chute have a roof vent to trail through. For such a building, we directly mix hot water and an appropriate degreaser or detergent or soap solution and pressure clean them directly. Later on, a deodorizer and sanitizer are applied to get rid of the foul smell and bacteria at these trash channels.
  • For the trash tubes without a flat roof or absent rooftop access, we work in the opposite direction, i.e. from the floor using the access panels situated on each floor. This needs higher time and hard work of the crew members.
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