Hospital and Hotel Cleaning Service

We always intend to make the hospitals and hotels even more hospitable.

Every state of the art hospital or hotel needs a perfect cleanliness for attracting the highest number of guests and patients.

None of us would prefer to book a hotel that doesn’t rate high in terms of its tidiness and hygiene. A beautifully laid hotel automatically scores high on the guests’ card and this is the reason why pressure cleanliness takes a highly needed request for these places. Hospitals need a high level of sterility and sanitation. This is only possible with the right pressure washing services. Thus, pressure cleaning becomes a very important ingredient for both the hospitals and hotel industry.

At JMA Power Washing, we combine both the professional cleaning expertise and the modern pressure washing and surface cleaning techniques and equipment on a consistent basis. This helps us deliver the most outstanding and sparkling exterior of both the hospitals and hotels. JMA Power Washing takes pride in using the most state of the art commercial grade equipment that has the perfect capability to handle the task of perfectly cleaning both the hospitals and hotels. Right from the grease soaked concretes at a restaurants/store-front to the hospital residuals, mildew growths, moss development; we take care of all without making the surface slippery or greasy.

What do we do?

  • At JMA Power Washing, we diligently perform the cleaning of any of the dodgy surfaces of the hospitals and hotels using the most appropriate cleaning tools and methods.
  • Our work implies towards creating the best and the most impressive aura at both the hospitals and the hotels or restaurants.
  • Our meticulously pressure Washing drive is the best way to add beauty of such places with our extensive cleaning forms.
  • We ensure that your impression never goes wrong and for this, we make sure to perform our job in a 100% effective manner. This gives way to create the most impressive, clean and presentable property.
  • Cleaning the moss, gum marks, stains, dirt, grime formation and other hard stains is definitely a tough task, but our expertise hands and finely selected advanced set of tools helps us drive our way through these tedious jobs.
  • Our professional team of experts bears the perfect technical intent of creating a brand-new appearing property.
  • Our dedication and hard work are well laid towards earning the 100% satisfaction level of our clients.
  • We are an expert at offering the assiduously defined budget-friendly services suitable for these commercial places.
  • Using the most advanced techniques and pressure cleaning set of advanced equipment, we are an expert at delivering the most reliable and sterile pressure cleaning services in the region.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Most budget friendly and absolute cleaning services suitable for the hospitality industry.
  • We own a versatile set of some of the finest equipment and process that can transform your entity into a brand new one.
  • Our commitment towards 100% customer satisfaction makes us the top choice amongst our esteemed clients.
  • We rigorously work towards delivering the best pressure cleaning services in the hospitality sector.
  • Working within the least turnaround time, we don’t keep your property engaged for a longer time, which doesn’t come in the way of your business execution.
  • Our set of equipment, products and processes are 100% environment- friendly and safe to be used by our staffs.

Types of equipment and supplies used by us

Say it a hotel or a hospital, both have their own stain and dirt challenges to take care. On one side, food, oil and grease takes a forefront, however, on the other side, medicines, sterile liquid marks and other medicinal marks become a tough job to tackle. We perform the most intense cleaning jobs for even the toughest stains. We use a complete set of equipment and cleaning supplies, such as:

  • Hot Water Commercial Pressure Washer
  • Surface Cleaners
  • Organic and Biodegradable Detergents
  • Waterproof Sealers
  • Sanitizers

What are the areas we serve?

Both the hospitals and hotels have a varied set of cleanliness challenges that need to be perfectly dealt with delivering the best here. This makes our services expanded towards clearing and attending the different areas that need complete attention for an absolute cleaning. At JMA, while ensuring the perfect cleanliness services for both hotels and hospitals, we serve an extensive area covered under our pressure washing services, including:

  • Moss
  • Mildew growth
  • Algae growth
  • Food Stains
  • Medicines or sterile liquid marks
  • Chewing gum
  • Dirt
  • Foot-prints on the Pavement
  • Bird Droppings
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Grime
  • Rust

Process We Follow

The process of pressure washing the hospitals and hotels goes in the following manner:

Our machines are well capable of producing hot water up to 250 degrees that help in emulsifying the grease, oil and kill the bacteria.

Combining hot water with appropriate concrete cleaning soaps, detergents, and bio-degradable degreasers, etc., we thoroughly clean even the dirtiest concrete.

We also use this hot water for melts away the gum and removing them with just a snap. This doesn’t call for an extremely high-pressure cleaning saving the surface of the concrete from getting damaged.
At last, sanitizers are applied all over the place, especially in case of hospitals.

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